Abrusco vzw, Fedasil, 2dehands & Vivacité - all in one day!

So much happened on May 10th! We had the honour to welcome highly motivated people from from Fedasil, 2dehands (2ememain) and Abrusco VZW, an association doing amazing work to help youth in Brussels. Some of the participants were even interviewed by Vivacité Radio who came to record a radio spot about Canal It Up!

🛶 For the anecdote, 2dehands contributed to the birth of Canal It Up since we found our very first kayak on their website. And in April, they helped us again by promoting our activities for free via online ads during the whole month!!

👶 And yes, we can add a new item on the list of the weirdest things we’ve found so far in Brussels canal: the very early images of a yet to-be-born child dating back to 2008! (S)he should be old enough by now to join us in our kayaks!