Een tweede ondergrondse rit op de Zenne!

SECOND time on the UNDERGROUND river Senne! This time with the German television team of ZDF. Our river is getting international attention. It was probably one of the few spots in Brussels today where to find some cooler temperatures.
Just like the first time, it was an amazing experience. In the underground part, it’s so peaceful and quiet that you just want to let the current take you away while you just enjoy. And in the parts in open air, surrounded by plants and waterbirds, you wouldn’t think you’re in Brussels or any other city.
Of course, we saw again lots of wipes and other trash coming from the sewage overflows that pollute the river 10 days per month. Hopefully the attention for the river will help to solve this big environmental problem.
The ZDF team made two reports. Check out the one on kayak activity and the one on the underground trip on the Senne.