A great Belgian National Day with Myrthe & co, the Maison médicale du Vieux Molenbeek and MJ La Clef

🇧🇪 On 21 July, Myrthe and a group of friends came to Brussels for a double celebration – the Belgian national day of course, but more importantly, a bachelorette party! We’ll give them a 10 for the most original idea as well as for all the trash they collected. We hope that they had great fun.
👽 On 26 July, Alessio welcomed a whole bunch a young motivated people, who were quite excited about something special they’d found on their way to the meeting point.
😏 And on 28 July, a group from the Maison médical du Vieux Molenbeek came for a treasu… hum trash hunt. Afterwards, some architects and people from MJ La Clef did a nice evening outing and found some adulte device. Looks like weird stuff turns up every time Alessio is around 😅.