A soccer player, fluent english, Minglers and a large group

⚽🌳 Vincent, Football player from the Rue de Flandre Team, brought his son Elliot to fish trash out of the canal. And since that day Elliot speaks fluent english that he picked up on the water. This must have been because Elodie, Uldis, Matteo, Paula, Estelle, Marjorie and Sara, came from many countries and spoke english together. One friend of Berenice, the next group, did some research and was thinking about kayaking much further but was stopped by all the trash that needed to be picked up.
Afterwards two Mingler duos met each other on the water, only smiles to see there. And another very large group arrived on our docking zone after a very long walk. Still, they had enough energy to go and fish for trash, have fun and learn about the problems we like to solve.