AFAS Software, WWF, Eric, Chiro and IKEA

💻 AFAS Software België surprised their team with a fantastic outing on the canal, and it was a resounding success! They had an incredible time cleaning the canal and couldn’t get enough of the experience. They even kept bumping into their Canal It Up guide over the weekend – we’re truly everywhere!
🌿 The Energy and Climate team from WWF European Policy Office chose the canal for their away activity. Eric joined them to participate, and together they made a significant impact by fishing out a substantial amount of trash!
🎭 Nele and the Chirojeugd Vlaanderen group joined us for the canal cleanup. We absolutely love seeing youth movements engaging in this activity, as it perfectly aligns with their values of combining enjoyment with purpose.
🏠 The communication team of IKEA, Belgium also joined us on the water. They did come across an IKEA-branded product among the trash. Nonetheless, their participation was greatly appreciated!
🛶 You don’t have to travel to France to kayak during your holidays! Everyone is welcome to join us on the canal – simply fill in the form on our website. Let’s create unforgettable experiences together!