Britt & Marjolein, Ann aka The Aunt, Diane, Arnaud, Jeremy & Caroline

And… Canal It Up is booming 🌴 ! Friday 4th of september we had very motivated New Kids on the canal. And they had to do some effort to find the trash, it was somewhat hiding.

Britt and Marjolein, the first group, won the hide-and-seek game and found the trash hiding behind a boat. The unhappy trash couldn’t escape the fishing nets anymore and in some minutes the bin was completely full! 💪

Ann, my aunt, was curious whether she was still young enough to get into a kayak. “Of course”, I said! And without any doubt she came along. We were a good team, I was peddling and steering and she fished the trash out off the water. She said that when she was younger, they swam in the canal remembering that the oil floated on the water… crazy huh!

Afterwards, the last group was one of 4: Diane, Arnaud, Jeremy and Caroline. They had so much fun they said. Very enthousiastic people and they really appreciated the initiative. We finished by having a drink in the pop-up bar Saintklet next to the canal.

Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm!