Benny aka The Minister

New kid on the block, Benny aka The Minister, also The Dad. Specialties of the day: road sign, scooter helmet and two footballs. The objective is to go on the…

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Véro aka The Woofer

New kid on the block, Véronique aka The Woofer, back from 1 year New Zealand, she soon starts research in using robots in organical agriculture. They say she's that much…

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Mona aka The Energizer

New kid on the block, Mona aka The Energizer, able to make people do stuff they weren't supposed to do, she cycles to work everyday and eats plastic for breakfast,…

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Cécile aka The Dressmaker

New kid on the block, Cécile aka The Dressmaker, insists on putting a bucket under the shower while waiting for hot water. Also the woman who follows me in all…

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Daan aka The Champion

New kid on the block, Daan aka 'The Champion', always looking for ways to live more earthfriendly. Fishing trash out of the water today we met à turtle 30 cm…

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Pieter aka The Founder

First day of fishing trash out of the canal, 15 kg of plastic!! Let us know if you want to join next time. #beatplasticpollution, #Sainctelette, #actionaroundthecorner

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