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Roll up your sleeves for a DEPOSIT SYSTEM

The DEPOSITHON? It’s a cleanup marathon to call for the introduction of a deposit system in Belgium and more reusable packaging. The problem of littering in our streets, rivers and canals is known to all. 40% of it consists of discarded cans and plastic bottles. Fortunately there is an efficient solution to prevent these from ending up in our environment: a deposit system. When consumers buy a drink, they pay a small extra sum that they can recover if they bring the packaging back to the store. This way the packaging gains value and will not be discarded in the nature. 80% of the Belgians are in favor of such a system, so what is preventing it? Several actors from the industry are against it and are pressuring the authorities. This is why our five organisations, based in BRUSSELS, FLANDRES and WALLONIA, are joining forces. Together, we organise various cleanup actions during the whole month of July in order to collect as many signatures as needed to get into the Parlement to demand the three responsible governments to cooperate together for the deposit system and more reusable packaging.




We are on our way to the parliament but first we need 15.000 signatures, on paper! Print the petition form, let everybody around you sign it, take a picture or scan it and send it to or send the original to this address mentioning “Deposithon”: Leopold II laan 23, 1080 Brussel.

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Canal It Up

For two years now, Canal It Up has been organising kayak trips to fish the trash out of Brussels canal. Beside the great feeling of having done a good deed, the activity also offers the unique opportunity to see the city from a different perspective. Unfortunately, during all this time we have not seen a decrease in the amount of trash, quite on the contrary. This is why we organise this cleanup marathon to call for a deposit system. You can join us every day of the week during the whole of July at Sainctelette and Biestebroeck. Bring at least ten signatures per person and get ready for some serious fun. Contact us to fix the date and time.


  • Everyday
  • Anderlecht, 9h-14h, max 10p
  • Sainctelette, 14h-19h, max 10p
  • 1,5h per trip





For several years now, VZW DOKano has been active to raise awareness, in a fun way, of the annoying problem of trash in the environment, and to contribute to solving it. With canoes and tongs we collect trash in the water and along the shores. Paddling and fishing out trash are the pleasant part. On top of it, we ask our volunteers to make an inventory of what they found and to think about the source of the problem. Moreover we give advice on how to prevent plastic trash to end up in our environment. We have noticed that a big part of the trash we collect consists of cans and plastic bottles and a deposit system would go a long way to partly solve the problem. Together with other organisations, we get involved to analyse the source of the problem and work on concrete solutions. This is why we participate in the Deposithon and why we want to collect as many signatures as possible for a deposit system.


  • Saturday and Sunday from 13h to 17h
  • Schipperskaai 49, 1000 Gent




Proper Strand Lopers

Proper Strand Lopers is a network of volunteers and supporters, who are active on social media and committed to eliminating trash from the environmement, mainly at the coast.

During our summer porject #DeStrandhelden, you can join us every evening in Oostende to clean up the beach to prevent tradh from irretrievably ending up into the sea. After collecting we analyse what has been found in order to tackle the problem at its roots. In 2018 for example, the analysis showed that 39% of the trash collected consisted of PET bottles and cans. This is why we take part in the Deposithon and want to collect a maximum of signatures for a deposit system.


  • Everyday without reservation, 20h-21h
  • Westelijke Strekdam at Klein Strand, Oostende
  • Also at Nieuwpoort on Saturday 




Marc Kayak

For 10 years I have been fishing out trash from the Meuse in Namur every signle day with my kayak. When the weather is too bad and the current too strong, I pick up trash on the quay. I started with this action after I saw a swan agonise for 10 minutes and die in front of my eyes after swallowing a piece of plastic. For every trip I fasten the flag of a certain country to my kayak so that people can better recognise me. I do what the nature cannot do for itself, I bring joy to it and it gives me joy. I also try to raise awareness and to draw attention to the problem. A deposit system for bottles and cans would help keep a big part of the trash out of the water. During the Deposithon, you can join me every day at 2 pm. Contact Canal It Up to fix the date.


  • Everyday at 14h, max 2p
  • Boulevard de la Meuse 38




Clean Walker

Clean Walker Belgium’s aim is to raise awareness of the problem of littering in our streets, parks and forests. Beside the cleanup actions, we also want to make people aware of the environmental issue caused by trash. OUR SECOND MISSION is to communicate about the current problematic consumption and to give tips on how people can change the way they consume. It includes informing about a zero waste lifestyle and encouraging people to strive towards it. During our actions and in our daily communication on social media, we give advice on how to change our habbits and to reduce our ecological impact in a concrete way.


  • 4 july: Attert, 10h
  • 10 July: Brussels – Gare du nord, 14h
  • 11 July: Liège, 14h
  • 24 July: Marche en famenne, 14h
  • 24 July: Brussels – Gare de L’ouest, 14h
  • 25 July: Liège, 14h




Special announcement

Saintklet Summer Programm starting on 31 July

Kayakking on the canal at Sainctelette just got even more fun, there is a BAR!!!

The saintklet team is transforming the Quai des Péniches into a public oasis with music, art, performances and activities. Same concept as last year, meaning free entrance, no reservations and the opportunity to enjoy the Brussels’ canal-side.

For more info, see their Facebook event.