Eliza, Céline & Julie aka De Babbelaars

Today we present New Kids Eliza, Céline and Julie! Another group of long time friends who had a lot to tell each other and found a way to do that while fishing plastic in the canal.

There was some teamwork involved in our fishing trip. The kayaks crossed each other in the middle, then Céline and Julie cleaned on the right side of the canal, Eliza and Lauren the left side and then crossed each other again when trash was to be found in the middle or was left behind by the other kayak. We only had to let our net glide on the water to fill the net with cigaret butts!

Eliza found a floating bike seat, but no bicycle. Again there were dead animals, to the dislike of our New Kids. By the time they spotted the dolphins incorporated in the concrete on the side we unfortunately had to hurry back to our docking zone, other duties called, if not they would have stayed there all evening!