German television ZDF, BIPT and KPMG, a day of abreviations

On 10 August, we had a pretty special day. We welcomed very motivated collegues from BIPT – IBPT but that’s not all… Have you spotted the microphone yet? It’s hanging above their heads on one of the pictures. And what about the cameraman? It was with great pleasure that we spent the whole day with this german ZDF team. First, we did the usual – trash fishing on the canal – but it was spiced up with interviews. And in the afternoon, we took them along for a nice bit of navigation on the Senne. Check out our other post on that outing.
The next day, we were in for another round of teambuilding with colleagues from KPMG Belgium . Hélène, who had already been kayakking with us, managed to convince a whole bunch of them to try it out for themselves. They were enthusiastic, interested and very helpful. And they celebrated a well-deserved third-half together afterwards.