Green Team VUB

Green Team VUB and organised a quiz game for the Brussels Water Days. 8 duos won tickets for a cleanup trip with us on the canal last monday.

Under a bright shining sun they found TONS of trash in the water. On weekdays like this, more boats pass by so the lock (FR: écluse, NL: sluis) has to open more often than in the weekend. This results in a bigger flow of water and so in a bigger stream of trash. And that is why we developed a Green Mobile Trash Barrier to stop the flow of trash near the lock. The Port de Bruxelles – Haven van Brussel soon starts a feasibility study for the barrier and other solutions. More info here:

In the mean time the therapy works just fine and everybody comes out of the water even happier than that they were already getting into the water.
A perfect Monday afternoon 🌅🌞🛶