Grohe, CAW Brussel Schuldbemiddeling, D-carbonize, Nola, Minglers and the International School of Brussels

The people behind GROHE constantly work in the water business, clean water normally. This time they changed from clean water to water to clean. In the early morning after a croissant and some coffee they jumped in our kayaks to go and fish trash out of the canal. They even found a Casanova dvd!
A couple of days later, CAW Brussel Schuldbemiddeling, a center that helps people with financial and administrational problems, appeared to be a women’s power team perfectly fit for a canal cleanup!
D-Carbonize , a start-up that empowers organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, made a teambuilding activity out of it with a motivated group of people.
And on Saturday, Nola was accompanied by priceless smiles of children. With them, 2 pairs of Mingler duo’s met for the first time. And students from the International School of Brussels spend a great day out under the autumn sun.