Nathalie, Lieven, Michel, Kristine, Marleen, Nele and Fransisco AKA The Polar Bears

❄️❄️❄️ 🌨️ Last sunday temperatures plummeted under zero and the apparent temperature was even – 6°C! We could only observe that the warm hart of the Brusseleir doesn’t cool down easily! A beautiful group of heroes put on warm clothes and got into the water.

Natalie, a student in Brussel, drafted Lieven who came to Brussel from Halle by bicycle. Together they tested the water and came back with a bin full of trash and some frozen fingers.

It was a kind of luxury to have a doctor at the scene with Michel. But just like the others he only came to fish for trash. Afterwards, back on shore, he continued to fish some bottles out of the water.

For Kristin it was allready her 5th kayak trip and this time she brought Marleen. Together they are over a 100 years young and full of enthusiasm. “We wanted to try the kayak fishing in every season”, they said.

Nele, also student, and Francisco, PhD student, was the last bubble to get wet. A little bit hesitating in the beginning they came back after 1,5h with a big smile, just like all the others.

Thanks to all of you for your heroic dedication!