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New kids
Kg trash collected

Kanal Side of Life, Färm, Homegrade and a road separator from Kaaitheater

Kanal Side of Life, Färm, Homegrade and road separator from Kaaitheater WHO WHO WHO were the ones to fish the plastic out of the canal these last days? Thiery and Nathalie of Kanal Side of Life , who want to publish stories about life near the canal, brought a team of Färm to hunt for […]

Jane Goodall Institute Belgium, Levi’s, Sint-Guido Anderlecht, Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel, Greenpeace Belgium, Internes of the European Commission and youngsters of Fedasil Sint-Pieters Woluwe

Jane Goodall Institute Belgium, Levi’s, Sint-Guido Anderlecht, Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel, Greenpeace Belgium, Internes of the European Commission and youngsters of Fedasil Sint-Pieters Woluwe “ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL” together with Jane Goodall Institute Belgium and their friends of Levi’s , with the next generation youngsters of Sint-Guido Instituut Anderlecht , the student representatives of Vlaamse […]

FOD Mobiliteit, a fish, a car tyre and much more fisherman

FOD Mobiliteit, a fish, a car tyre and much more fisherman While temperatures are dropping slowly but steadily towards winter we continue our kayak cleaning activities. It’s never too cold to go and protect nature and strive for a future with less trash. These New Kids fished a bunch of trash out of the water, […]

Canal Trash Fisherman bathe in SUN while cleaning up the WATER

Canal Trash Fisherman bathe in SUN while cleaning up the WATER “Canal Trash Fishermen bathe in SUN while cleaning up the WATER.” It could be the title of a news article of last week trips on the canal.While we our approaching 2.000 persons in our kayaks, the trash meter surpassed 5.000 kg of trash fished […]

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day BAGS and BAGS and BAGS, World Cleanup Day was a succes thanks to all the motivated people who came to clean up on land and on the water.Year after year the amount of litter is rising in Belgium, our society is flooded by trash and single-use packaging. Cleanups are being organised for […]

RTBF – Recording of Alors On Change

RTBF – Recording of Alors On Change Aujourd’hui, l’équipe RTBF nous a rejoint dans les kayaks pour tourner les images du premier épisode Alors on Change de la nouvelle saison.Les déchets sont venus voir le spectacle en masse. Parmi les improbables, une bougie de Sainte Rita et un ballon zéro-déchets. Un tout grand merci à […]

Voodoo doll, Norman and his deposit group, Brik, Youca and dead animals

Many HANDS make the job very EASY. Group after group our kayaks are doing so many kilometers in their hunt for trash. And the trash is never far away.One of the discoveries was a voodoo doll, clearly used in a ritual. If the goal was to drown it in the end, that part failed, it […]

Chairman and Deputy Chairman – Board of Directors Port of Brussels

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the board of directors of the Port de Bruxelles – Haven van Brussel , Yassine Akki and Anthony Baert, subscribed for a Sunday stroll of trash fishing by kayak.Never been so close to the water they witnessed loads of floating trash, dead animals and a greasy kind of water. […]

A nest of spies

These New Kids were lucky to be on the water with a bright shining sun. At least some of them. Jolien brought her two young daughters who at first weren’t too enthusiastic, but coming out of the water with a full bucket of treasures (trash) they clearly enjoyed the hunt. Sophie brought three friends from Spain […]

Sigrid Spruyt & co

Sigrid SPRUYT, de enige ECHTE, nam plaats in onze kajaks voor de Deposithon. Ze bracht 16 jaar lang het nieuws iedereens huiskamer binnen en viste deze week een volle emmer afval en matras uit het water en zag twee dode eenden, één dood eendenkuikentje, een dode rat en een dode vis. Sinds lang pleit ze […]

Les filles du block defend their colors

New kids ENJOYING the warm water of the canal. Groups of friends, families, colleagues and even a Brussels soccer team. Les filles du block changed their soccer field for the canal and came to defend their colors in trash fishing. What about you FC Motivée, Daring Women or Boobie Trap?  Starting from now our Deposithon […]

Beautiful people, lots of trash, Klimaan and plogging Mechelen

SOOO many beautiful people battling against a stream of trash, with only a fishing net and a kayak. But on top of that they all bring powerfull signatures for the Deposithon, which is THE most powerfull way to really fight the trash problem. Special thanks to Klimaan and Plogging Mechelen, last Sunday they collected 225 signatures […]

Biologist fishes dead animals out of the water

What happens when you let a BIOLOGIST fish for TRASH and you forget to mention to leave all ORGANICAL MATERIAL in the WATER? He takes out everything, DEAD ANIMALS included. In the canal, where you almost see more dead animals than alive, you easily fish out 6 dead rats, 1 dead duck and 1 dead […]

Brussels parlement on the water

This week, deputees of Brussels parlement Aurelie Czekalski and David Weytsman brought a little bit of parlement to the canal. Apart from fishing the trash out of the water and experiencing the state of the canal themselves we discussed about Miss Czekalskis Proposal of Resolution that she submitted to parlement. The proposal implies: – To study all […]

One step closer to a Deposit system

These coming days the weather will be BETTER, the sun will SHINE. Did you allready subscribe for a kayak cleanup trip in Anderlecht or Sainctelette? Maybe now is the perfect time!? These people were lucky and joined us in between rain events, fished lots of trash out of the water and delivered lots of signatures. We […]

Action at Sainctelette and Anderlecht

The Deposithon is rolling, signatures are coming in, trash is cleaned up and everybody is having FUN in the mean time. Hopes are high up. These are Canal It Up pictures from the previous days. Want to join us in july or send us signatures by email? More info on:

VUB engineers, Microflavours and Globelink and 11.11.11 youngsters

LUCKILY, in between rain events there is time to go kayakking for the DEPOSITHON. These last days lots of engaged groups joined the ranks. Future engineers from the Polytechnische Kring at the VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel, enjoying their free time after the exams, were lucky to be fishing for trash under a clear bright sun. Brusseleir […]

Start of the DEPOSITHON

The Deposithon only started and our kayaks our already FLYING. These are pictures of the first two days filled with lots of pleasure, nice encounters and many steps in the right direction. @Cera brought us a visit as well to see how Canal It Up is doing. With their financial support we were able to buy […]

Sea Shepherd Belgium, a beautiful family and 4 friends

On Sunday Sea Shepherd Belgium swapped their big fleet of boats on the worlds OCEANS for our five kayaks on the CANAL in Brussels. Protecting the ocean can start in the middle of your city. After only TEN minutes 1 kayak came back with a bin completely filled with trash. Check their social media and […]

Full Force with BRUZZ and RTL

Saturday 19th of june we went FULL FORCE with 5 kayaks being (almost) permanently on the water! The first bits of trash were taken by Thomas and his family, who immediately found a jacket. At the same time Ciray and her daughter took care of the other side of the canal. As there were still […]

Contrat de Rénovation Urbaine – Citroën-Vergote

YESSSS! What a sunny day to have these three beautiful persons on the canal. All three employees of the Ville de Bruxelles and responsible for the Contrats de Renovation Urbaine. They came to enjoy the nice weather and visit one of the projects they support.  With the Contrats de Rénovation, they support projects that make […]

Vormingscentrum Molenbeek, Jeunes SOS and musée des égouts Bruxelles

Vormingscentrum Molenbeek – Groep INTRO startte met varen op deze zonnige dinsdag, 4 dagen na de grote riooloverloop. Enkele jongeren kwamen zich bewust maken van het probleem in het kanaal. Sarah 15j leek niet meteen geïnteresseerd, maar eenmaal in de kayak zagen we dan toch haar echte lach en bleek dat ze uiteindelijk niet meer […]

Eva, Theo, Hanno, Celia and Molenbike

Last Sunday the colors were more than bright. So many beautifull people joined us for a cleanup trip in the canal under a blue sky and in a brown canal. More about that brown color in another post. First Eva, Theo, Hanno and Celia each brought a sailing partner to go and fish out the […]

Bruzz, Imelda-Instituut and JES Brussels

FRIDAY, a good day to get out on the WATER. In the morning BRUZZ came to visit. This time they didn’t come for Canal It Up, they came for a report on the canal itself. The result will soon be published here and on the Bruzz website. In the afternoon, the youth and disability care […]

Try Out, Brik students in Brussels and Marc Kayak

Newest Kids on the block! Try Out kwam met 3 jongeren. Één van hen was wat later, bij zijn aankomst werd duidelijk waarom, hij was reeds afval aan het oprapen onderweg! De 3 gingen een goed uur varen en hebben door weer en wind, maar ook zon, afval uit het kanaal gehaald. Bravo!! SPELLETJE Ze […]

Heavy Weather

Despite heavy weather, an enthusiastic team of concerned citizens was once again proudly navigating on the troubled waters of the canal.The first volunteers to touch water were two mates from Brussels and Coventry. As relentless as captain Ahab on their tiny Pequod, they hunted the trash everywhere they could find it.The second campaign we launched […]

The Youth Takes over

The youth takes over the CANAL! This Saturday, Anouk, Marianne and Elisabeth, three students from a secondary school in Dilbeek organised trips with Canal It Up for their ‘Seminaire’ course. What a great idea! They took care of registering 32 motivated friends, family and school members or even new people that heard from it through […]

Rainy Day

Regenachtige vaardag op het KANAAL. Sorry aan diegenen van wie we geen foto’s hebben deze keer. Het zal niet meer gebeuren :). De eerste groep was een familie van 4 die op deze hemelvaart-dag goed gekleed waren om de barre weersomstandigheden te trotseren. Terwijl zij vertrokken viel het meteen op dat er veel afval lag […]

Fêtes de l’Iris 2021

Last sunday lots of people joined us for Les fêtes de l’iris.  Sylvie and her two kids (8 and 10) got interviewed by RTL and we must say we were impressed by their well spokenness! Nathalie and her family of 4 were super motivated and all smiles! They really went to look for trash far […]

Students of the Koninklijk Atheneum Koekelberg AKA KAK

Deze dinsdag kwamen de leerlingen van het Koninklijk Atheneum Koekelberg , beter bekent als de KAK, per fiets naar onze docking zone om plaats te nemen in onze kajaks. Alessio was hun gids en legde de problemen en bijhorende oplossingen uit. Hier zijn enkele getuigenissen van Alessio en enkele leerlingen: Alessio: Waarom sta ik hier […]

Ellen, Ben, Sally and her partner AKA family time

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 FAMILY time on the canal. Last sunday, this family of four, with two children aged 8 and 11, signed up for a kayak cleanup session. Even with the changing April weather they were SUPER motivated and smiling from ear to ear. Afterwards they came up with a creative idea for their picture, SOS, no […]

Jin Vilvoorde, Hugo, Camille, Fabrice, Lore and Maxime AKA The Treasure Hunters

Scouts Vilvoorde Represented! ⛺️🌱 Luckily, youngsters can still come together in small groups. These 7 girls choose cleaning up the canal as one of their activities! This summer, they hope to be able to go to Montenegro, we’re crossing our fingers for them! If not, we will be here for them on the canal under […]

Green Team VUB

Green Team VUB and organised a quiz game for the Brussels Water Days. 8 duos won tickets for a cleanup trip with us on the canal last monday. Under a bright shining sun they found TONS of trash in the water. On weekdays like this, more boats pass by so the lock (FR: écluse, […]

Greenpeace Youth, Coordination Senne and The Brusseleirs on Brussels Waterdays

One week ago on the day of our activity for the Brussels Water Days, Greenpeace Youth Belgium came to Brussels for an afternoon of trash picking. Some of them in our kayaks on the canal, others in duos in the surrounding streets. They showed lots of enthusiasm and realised that stricter measures like a deposit […]

Safety jogger AKA Glove givers

The Safety Jogger team came all the way to Brussels for a cleanup trip. They came bearing gifts with a box of reusable gloves to help us continue our activities. One of them made these beautiful pictures of their time on the water.

Try-out aka The New kids from 1999

If Canal It Up would have been around in the year 1999, it would have looked like this. We would have taken pictures with an analoge camera to stick them in a Canal It Up family album instead of social media. The New kids on the pictures are the youngsters of Try-Out. Try-out is an […]

Jonas, Elien, Amilie, Alexandra, Lili and Jannick AKA The Students

Alors que le canal était encore gelé la semaine dernière, il faisait agréablement beau ce weekend pour une sortie en kayak. Heureusement, nous n’avons eu à déplorer aucun manque de constance de la part des New Kids qui étaient à nouveau bien présents pour la pêche aux déchets. Et cette fois-ci, les étudiants étaient de […]

Janne, Kelly, Laura, Rory, Hélène and Alex AKA Cold, Colder and Coldest

❄️ 🐧 Cold, colder, coldest. Last sunday the canal was partly FROZEN. Still, four volunteers were motivated enough to come and fish for trash in the new discipline ICE-KAYAKING. Janne, student in Art science at the VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel and living in Molenbeek and Kelly, student in social work in Hasselt, jumped into […]

Nathalie, Lieven, Michel, Kristine, Marleen, Nele and Fransisco AKA The Polar Bears

❄️❄️❄️ 🌨️ Last sunday temperatures plummeted under zero and the apparent temperature was even – 6°C! We could only observe that the warm hart of the Brusseleir doesn’t cool down easily! A beautiful group of heroes put on warm clothes and got into the water. Natalie, a student in Brussel, drafted Lieven who came to […]

Sjur, Laura, Britt, Matthijs and Floris AKA The Bubble Heroes

🚣‍♀️ The New Kids are back! The Bubble of heroes Sjur and Laura got into the water first, with a temperature of 2°C, freezing cold! Sjur comes from Norway but his perfect dutch doesn’t give him away. Together with Laura he formed a fast rowing team. So fast that they lost track of time. They […]

Our teen heroes

3 teenagers who were guided by the school. Yes, the Isb Brussels obliges these pupils to do 15 good deeds per school year! BRAVO ! Very quickly these youngsters learned the trade and with one of them I passed under the bridge of Sainctelette. By the way, I had never been there before and there […]

Elena, Gemma, Helena & Luis, Bart & Naomi, Christine & son, Gaetane, Lionel & Noemie

It was a very international cleanup day with a first multicultural team from Spain, Portugal and Mozambique. Elena, Gemma, Helena and Luis all live in Brussels and came to see the trash in the canal with their own eyes. Afterwards came Bart from Belgium and Naomi from the UK. Naomi already became a regular but […]

Laura, Margaux & Fred, Veronika & Dali, Leni & Florentina

Samedi 3 octobre, les kayaks étaient à nouveau bien remplis! Les trois amies Laura, Margaux et Fred sont arrivées les premières. Grâce à leur bonne humeur et leur motivation, elles ont aussi bien embelli la journée que le canal! Elles se sont inscrites après être tombées sur une de nos affiches. Une amitié engagée est […]

Maha, Kenn, Maëlle & Giulio, Elena & Romain, Khiara, Lucia, Susannah & Loïs

Stormy weather for the last weekend of September. We had some cancellations, but not from these brave hearts! We started off with Maha and her group, she brought along Kenn, Maëlle and Giulio. The group after them had cancelled, so Maha and Kenn continued and explored the other side of the starting point. I almost […]

Lara, William, Anke & Rocio, Kristin & Marleen, Judith & Friend, Sophie & Son & Friend, Véro & Friends, Manloi & Friend, Laure & Jakoba, Matthias & Carla, Josefien & Meredith, Stephanie & Katarina

19 and 23th of september we received 25 New Kids. Lara, William, Anke and Rocio started of this cleanup marathon, and how! After 15 min Lara and William returned with a full bin to empty it and fill it AGAIN! 💪 Kristin joined us for the second time and brought Marleen with her this time. […]

Uli, Bertrand, Floris & Lisa, Laura & Alberto, Flaminia, Laurence, Maaike & Dein, Andy, Alice & Sarah, Sylvain, Astrid, Ophelie & Agnès

Samedi 5 septembre, Uli, Bertrand, Floris et Lisa ont été le premier groupe sur l’eau. Le fait de savoir que personne n’était tombé à l’eau jusque-là en a rassuré certains tandis que d’autres ont eu une petite montée de stress à l’évocation de cette possibilité. Heureusement, cela s’est avéré inutile et l’excursion s’est bien déroulée. […]

World Cleanup Day – 20 September

Yesterday was a wonderful day of collective effort on and around the canal of Brussels. 225 participants spent their time cleaning up trash in the streets and in the water. We even got help from Jommeke who brought his young friends to make the day just perfect. In total, 560 kg of trash was picked […]

Guillaume & Laura, Samuel, Miriam, Martina & Leo, Amir & Tim, Catherine & Nico, Cédric, Maud, Dahoe & Myima, Emma, Nina, Elien, Birgit & Annelies aka los Ángeles del Canal

Le 12 septembre fut une journée merveilleusement ensoleilée à Bruxelles! Comme toujours, quand le soleil fait de son mieux, les gens aussi ! Avec Canal It Up, nous sommes sortis en nombre sur l’eau: pas moins de 19 volontaires nous ont aidé pour tenter de donner au canal la même couleur bleue du ciel. Les […]

Fransziska & Hanna, Zeppe & Elena, Raf & Adriana, Léopold & Guillaume, Nicolas, Tessa & Ellen, Franzsiska, Anna, Marie & Sidonia

En ce jeudi après-midi 10 septembre merveilleusement ensoleillé, Fransziska et Hanna ont navigué sur notre canal de Bruxelles. Elles étaient tellement motivées que nous n’avons réussi à sortir leur bac du kayak qu’avec beaucoup d’efforts! Elles étaient également assistées par Zeppe et Elena. Un couple très perspicace qui s’est rendu compte qu’une promenade romantique en […]

Britt & Marjolein, Ann aka The Aunt, Diane, Arnaud, Jeremy & Caroline

And… Canal It Up is booming 🌴 ! Friday 4th of september we had very motivated New Kids on the canal. And they had to do some effort to find the trash, it was somewhat hiding. Britt and Marjolein, the first group, won the hide-and-seek game and found the trash hiding behind a boat. The […]

Luka, Anna, Marieke, Payam, Nomi & Joanna, Coline, Vincent, Leïla & Robin, Ilona & Anke, Arnaud, Dai-Linh & Menno, Arthur, Garance, Vittoria & Paawani

Mardi 25 août, un bon nombre de participants ont bravé l’incertitude d’une météo changeante. Le premier groupe a immédiatement souffert, exposé aux éléments météorologiques. Luka, Anna, Marieke, Payam, Nomi et Joanna sont amies depuis leur scolarité à l’institut du Sacré-Cœur de Heverlee. Ils ont rapidement mis un gigantesque morceau de tapis dans le bateau. Top […]

Eliza, Céline & Julie aka De Babbelaars

Today we present New Kids Eliza, Céline and Julie! Another group of long time friends who had a lot to tell each other and found a way to do that while fishing plastic in the canal. There was some teamwork involved in our fishing trip. The kayaks crossed each other in the middle, then Céline […]

Virginie & Charles, Tamara & Alberto, Mikael & Nathan, Marie, Aditi, Janne & Francesca

Two sundays ago, a lot off courageous people came to  help us out, it was real Belgian weather as we normally know it… ⛅🌧️⛅🌧️⛅🌧️ The first ones, Virginie with her son Charles, were lucky… ☀️🌤️ Charles didn’t really like the look and the smell of the water. And he was right, we explained to him […]

Selina & Jill, Frédéric & Astrid, Myrthe & Kaat, Juliette, Yorka, Jef & Kirsten, Sofie & Celine, Amber, Guilliana, Charlotte & Luka aka the BOZAR team, Jill, Ciara, Emily & Genevieve, Laura, Piet, Birga, Martin & Tristan

Samedi fut une journée bien remplie, avec un total de 25 personnes qui ont contribué à rendre le canal plus propre. Tout a commencé avec un beau combo belge: Selina et Jill venues en train de Zonhoven, et Frédéric et Astrid venus de Charleroi. Dans une coalition belge – c’est possible – , ils ont […]

Andrée, Ben & Auguste, Laura & Antoine, Kristin, Sabina, Joe & Maxine

Saturday at 11 am we were already on the water with New kids Andrée, Ben and Auguste. They wanted to see the lock from up close so we peddled direction center! Once arrived there we found a small treasure, all the trash was hiding in front of the lock door. Afterwards Laura and Antoine brought […]

Niamh & Jack, Jan-Simon, Milan, Lieselot, Hilde & Sil, Sylvie & Laurie, Joost, Emilie, Sebastian & Jaan, Gregory & Melody, Dario, Tom, Edmund & Sandy, Glenn & Alex

Le tout premier groupe que j’ai (Wouter) pu accompagner pour Canal it up, mercredi dernier, s’est tout de suite avéré être 2 talentueux pêcheurs! Niamh et Jack (6 ans), mère et fils, n’ont eu aucun mal à pêcher beaucoup de plastique, de chaussures, de papier et de mousse de polystyrène dans le canal. Ils avaient […]

Céline, Claire & friends, Felix, Harris, Babette & Camille

On Tuesday Celine gave us a helping hand, she told us how kids on the Kopenhagen Ferry get a piece of candy if they spot 5 pieces of trash… that would mean a lot of candy for the Brussels youngsters! Aside from all the trash we found a lot of dead animals as well, the […]

Wim, Sophie, Lorenzo, Benoît, Valérie, Daria, Ilse, Emma & Sofie aka the Small Army

A couple of days ago we received a small army of  New kids. Wim, Sophie and Lorenzo made the language barometer rise to unseen heights with their Dutch, French, English and Italian. Cheerfull Benoit, Valerie and art-loving Daria from Brussels showed the best steering skills we’ve seen up untill now. Unseen speeds and maneuverability in […]

Mélanie, Charlotte, Caroline, Loes, Kaat & Vera aka the Jolly Sailors

The sun seemed to shine a little bit brighter today thanks to our volunteers. First Melanie, Charlotte, Caroline and Loes came to help us, a jolly group full of laughter. Their enthusiasm and teamwork were contagious for all the people looking from the streetside, they received a lot of encouragements. The fishing for plastic isn’t […]

Green Team VUB

New Kids on the block! VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel , Green Team VUB Als teambuilding activiteit van het green team kon deze groep niets beter bedenken dan met ons te gaan varen! Gedreven, ondanks het wisselvallige weer, waren ze ten top! Een mini-regatta ontstond spontaan en uiteindelijk kwam de zon dan toch piepen. Wie […]

Collin, Florent & kids aka the Early Birds

La semaine dernière Collin (l’homme, pas le poisson 😉) nous a rejoint et il a trouvé les dauphins dans le canal incrusté dans le beton près de Comte De Flandre. Il est venu prendre la température pour peut-être revenir plus souvent. Florent, lui, a emmené et initié ses enfants dès leur plus jeune âge au […]

Nona & Mathijs aka the Charming Duo

The whole Canal it up fleet plunged into the water on monday. In the green kajak: New kids Nona and Mathijs, originally from just outside Brussels and the heart of West Flanders. They now live and work in Brussels. With a warm evening sun in the background we paddled direction Molenbeek lock and filled the […]

Myriam & Ana aka the Socially Committed

The green kayak was lucky enough to welcome New kids Ana and Myriam onboard on Tuesday. They come from Macedonia and the Netherlands, both currently working at the university of Brussels and living close to the canal. They show great social commitment by following and supporting local initiatives like Pool Is Cool and Canal it […]

Frank aka the Shoe Champion

New kid Frank has a heart for projects with a sustainable character. Although he doesn’t like to swim in open waters, it didn’t stop him to get in a kayak for Canal it up. It was a ride with a lot of twists, paddling backwards and turning to reach the floating plastic, one of Frank’s […]

Nicolas aka the Neighbour

On a découvert un talent local ! Le New kid Nicolas avait vu nos kayaks depuis sont appartment au bord de l’eau. Il est venu remplir la poubelle et le kayak le lundi et il a tellement aimé qu’il est revenu le jour après. Au quotidien il est professeur français, il suit des cours de […]

Kaat & Margot aka the BRUZZ Stars of the Day

We received some beautifull people in our kayaks today. And by that we’ re not only talking about our friends from Bruzz, who came to make a Staycation clip, but about the New kids on the block Kaat and Margot! Two beautifull souls who are not afraid to make their hands dirty for the good […]

Pascal Smet & Co aka the Committee

Canal it up est fier de pouvoir compter Pascal Smet et son équipe parmi ses New kids on the block. Ils sont venus se frotter à l’idée Staycation eux-mêmes et ce fut une approbation mutuelle (eux pour l’idée, nous pour les new kids). Tous convaincus que Bruxelles peut devenir de plus en plus belle. Ne […]

Pierre & Sofie aka the Laundry Service

New kids on the block Pierre et Sofie aka The Laundry Service. Aujourd’hui à nouveau notre sortie était ensoleillée. Pierre, qui est étudiant physiotherapie à Bruxelles, prétendait de ne jamais avoir navigué un kayak, on est obligé à ne pas lui croire, quel talent, un captaine est né. Sofie a en même temps donné un […]

Laura & Cedric aka the National Heroes

New Kids on the block Laura et Cedric sont venus spécialement de Leuven pour pouponner notre capitale à l’occasion de la fête nationale. Des gens chaleureux qui ont à cœur le soleil, l’eau et apparemment les oiseaux ! Ils n’ont pas hésité à sauver ce pauvre malheureux. Une fois sur la terre ferme, sec et […]

Ellen, Ines & Willem aka the Unstoppable Trio

New Kids on the Block! Ellen, Ines en Willem. They came especially from Mechelen to help cleaning the canal. After a short briefing and a little habituation the cleaning was remarkably fast. The drive from this gentleman and those lady’s was incredible. I had difficulty to stop them. If I didn’t say anything, I think […]

Anna, Lucrezia, Vittorio & John aka the Polyglots

Anna, Lucrezia, Vittorio & John are the new kids on the block of this week-end!  Two charming couples that literally are from the block and saw the kayaks on the canal, so they wanted to participate and contribute to having a nicer view on the canal. They have found eclectic stuff like an old slipper […]

Suzanne & Émeline aka the 100th ones

New Kids on the Block ! Suzanne et Émeline. Elles ont entendu parler de nous par une canalitupienne colocataire et 1 semaine plus tard se retrouvent sur l’eau. L’une vit à Bruxelles depuis 1 an et son amie, en vacances à Bruxelles, a choisi l’activité la plus cool à faire à BXL et tout ça […]

Brussels Canal Cleanup

New Kids on The Block! Lotte, Hendrik, Lauren, Jell, Roman, Miedas, Nele, Amandine, Ivy, Pieter, Jana, Tristan, Frounswa, Charlotte, Michiel, Nele, Eliah, Olivia, Alessio, ils-elles y étaient tou.s.tes. Embellir le quai et le canal! Une bande de 4 sont même venu spécialement de Gand ! pour cela. C’est si beau. Les gentlemen de @Saintklet, qui […]

Estelle & Sophia aka the Birdsaver Lookalikes

Last week these two new kids on the block, Estelle and Sophia (aka birdsaver lookalikes :P) came to help us out!  Exams finished, they were ready to go outside and give nature something back! (Whom I know Estelle and her sister more often do pretty actions, like selling hard shampoo at a low price (@slowly.bxl) […]

Isabelle aka the Holiday Rower

I present to you the newest kid on the block, almost litterally, Isabelle! She had already been on a kayak and done rowing on holidays, so she had the technique. Now she’s a pro for canal it up. 😉 It is good she came by because there was a lot of trash this sunday. We […]

Steven & Sander aka the Sunspecs

New Kids on the block, Steven et Sander aka The Sunspecs, deux grands bonhommes indépendants dans un kayak samedi passé, gérant activement les déchets comme s’ils avaient fait ça toute leur vie ! On a de nouveau croisé une grande quantité de poissons morts de toutes tailles. Un poissonnier y aurait-il jeté son poisson invendu? […]

Paul, Naomi and Laurens aka POOL IS COOL

New kids on the block, Paul, Naomi en Laurens Aka POOL IS COOL. They made it their mission to make swimming in open air possible in Brussels. And why not in the canal in the center of Brussels. For example during weekends on certain time slots when boat traffic is suspended. Unfortunately water quality is […]

Farah aka Freddi Fish

Yesterday Birdsaver went fishing with new kid on the block Farah! Aka Freddi Fish (does anyone remember the videogame?).  This nickname because we saw extremely many fish float! Does anyone know why?? On average every 5m I would say. There were more dead fish than trash! We found less trash than usual though. After an […]

Maarten, Simon, Steven & Jasper aka the Ghostbusters

New kids on the Block! Maarten, Simon, Steven en Jasper, opgegroeid in de Noordrand van Brussel, werden verliefd op deze stad door alles wat ze voor hen doorheen de jaren betekend heeft: feestjes, vrienden, studies, parken…alles wat je (zondige) jeugdjaren moeten hebben. Doorheen deze jaren zijn twee van hen er als een blok voor gevallen. […]

Victoria, Elena & Fiona aka Arendsoog and the Slip stealers

Birdsaver a attrapé 3 oiseaux spéciaux, Oeil de lynx et les voleurs de Slip. Elles étaient surtout ultra motivées! Elles ont répétés plusieurs fois qu’elles voulaient faire du kayak et puis demandées que c’était bien note. Nous avions plus nos petits filets, donc nous avons du être rapide avec nos mains pour attraper le plastic […]

Bernard and Olivia aka The Periodontist and The Youngest one

New Kids on the block! @ Bernard Dombret, Eliah et Olivia! Ce parodontologue à l’hôpital militaire et à la dentisterie de la VUB, soigne donc la dentition du monde-entier. Il est dans une paix intérieur remarquable qui, en lui parlant, vous fait devenir plus paisible instantanément. Il est habitue à faire du plogging (ramasser des […]

Lauren, Alessio, Louis, Steve, Stan, Hugo, Tine, Jasper, Eliah, Olivia, Kevin, Diana, Sebcat, Chloé, Fanchon, Térence, Irène aka river cleanup day

New kid’s on the block! River Cleanup 👈, Lauren,  Louis, Steve, Stan, Hugo, Tine, Jasper, Eliah, Olivia, Kevin, Diana, Sebcat, Chloé, Fanchon, Térence, Irène, vriendjes van vriendjes, de VTM!, de VRT!, passanten, vreemde vrijwilligers, curiezeneuzen, de zon, the black lives matter, water matters, consciousness matters! Hopla, sometimes images make matters…PEACE!  et un merci mignon à […]

Canal it up

Penelope aka Pop aka the intellectual jurist

Old kid on the block Oscar shows the way to New kid on the block, Penelope aka Pop aka the intellectual jurist.Pop is originally from France but has been living the Brussels life for a few years now. She works for a law firm specialized in intellectual property and, dedicated as she is, immediately offered […]

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Dr. Chloé, Simon and Nicolas aka The Three Musketeers

New Kids on the block! Par où commencer? Dr. Chloé Grossen, Simon Delchambre et Nicolas Heydt + un vrai canalitup-IEN indépendant  Louis Lammertyn, ce jeune homme vient nous rejoindre souvent désormais. Vous risquez de le voir arriver avec son propre kayak sur la tête ! Dr Chloé qui après 13 ans d’étude pour soigner […]

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Djo aka Prepared

Newest Kid on the Block, Djo, aka Prepared. He arrived with injuries from a long bicycle trip the day before, but had his usual smile on, he brought breakfast and had his own gloves to protect his injuries from infection.  We saw a woman getting out of the canal, she had fallen in it and […]

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Fauna and Charlotte aka Tic & Tac

New Kid on the block! Tic et Tac (knabbel en Babbel), to the rescue van het kanaal waren reeds canalitupsters toen ze aankwamen, zonder dit te beseffen uiteraard. Schminkster en danseres levende in Brüssel. Ze hebben het kanaal onder handen genomen zoals het hoort. De muren kwamen in het begin dicht bij hun kajak, maar […]

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Hugo The Memory Guy

New Kid on the block, HUGO! When he was young, he used to kayak on the rivers of Alsace. The death little chick, rats and pigeons also hits his childhood eyes. Pure honesty of this guy who is writing a book about memory. It was a moment of appeasement on the largest part of the […]

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Louis aka The Globe Kayakker

Le New Kid on the Block Louis, aka le Globe Kayakeur, est venu muni de son propre kayak! Ensemble avec entre-temps valeur sure Oscar, The Writer, et Lauren, Bird Saver, nous étions donc 2 kayaks à l’eau, doublement efficace à la chasse au plastic! Louis a acheté son kayak en Colombie et continue a en […]

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Stan aka Brusseleir

New Kid on the block ! Stan, brusseleir aux multiples facettes. Travaille dans les assurances, mix de la musique et se forme en tant qu’artiste graphiste. Après nous avoir aidés avec la création de notre 1er logo, il s’engage à nous aider pour les événements futurs. Après quelques minutes d’adaptation, il a très vite eu […]

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Eliah aka The Super Kid

Eliah, évidemment que se garçon de 8 ans veux venir avec sur l’eau. Le prix : il aperçoit une vingtaine de rats mort et une quantité énorme de déchets flottant sur l’eau (en route pour la mer). Le canal et sale papa et pue. Ben oui, c’est pour ça qu’on est là, bonhomme. On veut […]

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Robin aka Robin from the Hood aka Dr Trashless

Latergram of last week-end when we thaught only going with two in a kayak was ok.   At least there is one positive point about this whole situation and that is the ecological impact it has on mostly CO2 emission and also trash that is thrown out in the wilderness.  Everybody who can  is at home […]

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Fien and Oan aka The New Refreshing Movie Directors

Aaand we are back! Presenting new kids on the block Fien and Oan a.k.a. The New Refreshing Movie Directors! They have studied film in Brussels and are headstarting their careers. We just had 3 consecutive stormy week-ends. After Ciara, Dennis and George there was still some wind on saturday, but at least the sun appeared […]

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Cedric aka Yes Man

New kid on the block, Cedric aka Yes Man. No adventure is too strange for him. He has an ability of openess for new people and new experiences that makes him the man with no fears. He studied in Brussels and Paris, worked in Belgium Egypt, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Indonesia and went to South […]

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The Diatoms Report

Do you know what diatoms are? These are brown-yellow microscopic algae with a siliceous hull, you can find them in every body of water. We collected these algae on two spots of the Canal and they were analysed by the Belgian Algae expert Louis Leclercq to determine the biological quality of the water. 74 different […]

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Liesbeth aka The Smiling Soul

New kid on the block, Liesbeth aka The Smiling Soul aka Euphrosyne. Nobody can resist her everlasting smile. She cycled through Europe, goes climbing whenever she can and loves dancing with all her heart, head, arms, legs and feet. She’s so consistent that sometimes things get mixed up and she ends up climbing the walls […]

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Tassilo aka The Poet

New kid on the block, Tassilo aka The Poet. Growing up in and around Brussels and some Italian roots made him a quadrilingual person. He takes it up with live with enthusiasm as if he was drenched in it like Obelix was in the magic potion. With some friends he will build already the second […]

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Pierre aka The Semi Anonymous Hero

New kid on the block, Pierre aka The Semi Anonymous Hero. Lives in a world without social media, spends his time off high in the mountains and changes the Brussels landscape working in remote dusty offices off the grid. He agreed to come out of the dark to use his super-human strengths to help clean […]

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Virginie aka Captain Elevator

New kid on the block, Virginie aka Captain Elevator. Born in France and brought to Brussels by love. She likes challenges like running marathons and besides being awesome she’s just a wonderful happy person. Even though it is getting much colder we went fishing for trash in the canal. Watching the water from the side […]

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Karen aka The Reader

New kids on the block, Karen aka The Reader, she can read a book in one day while giving a guided tour in town, Cosme aka The Physicist and last but not least Marianne aka The Naturalist aka The Mom aka It’s Her Birthday 🎉. Together they came fishing for plastic in the canal, and […]

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Joanna aka The Yogini

New kid on the block, Joanna aka The Yogini, invited by New kid Vanessa. Born in Poland she went to England for a 3 year PhD and arrived in Brussels 8 years ago to work here. Together they got out there to go and fish for plastic in the canal. The water was fairly clean […]

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Youssef aka The Boss, Carl aka The Double Agent and Vincenzo The Courageous One

New kids on the block, Youssef aka The Boss, Carl aka The Double Agent and Vincenzo aka The Courageous One. Together they form a team that builds a school for the children of Molenbeek. In the rain we went fishing for plastic in the canal, with two canoes, double capacity. Two of us were Suited […]

Canal it up

Beranger aka Iron Man

New kid on the block, Beranger aka Iron Man, a man of real power, he can build a house with one hand while the other is making everything his imagination asks him to. Together we got out on the rough waters of the Canal, a lot of wind and waves as if we were at […]

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Oscar aka The Writer

Lauren presents The New kid on the block, Oscar aka The Writer,  goes by the captain-of-the-ship mentality, yelling ‘there is something!’ whilst pointing. Even though we were surrounded by trash the whole time! We barely had to paddle, the trash was never far away. We found a white marker in the water, amazingly enough still […]

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Jan aka Jean The Brusseleir aka The Philosopher

New kid on the block, Jan aka Jean The Brusseleir, The philosopher. A real Ket from Brussels, friendly with everybody and helpful to everybody. He already crossed the biggest part of Europe on his bicycle, and is not planning to stop there. The future in his mind looks different than what the world looks like […]

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World Cleanup Day

New action on the block, World Cleanup Day, Lauren aka The Birdsaver came to help out to do our part in this world wide action. Before getting into the water we got a little guided tour in the Ocean Plastics Lab exposition. Once in the water we got many encouragements from people on the side. […]

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Andreas, Anke and Laura aka The Helicopter Rowers

New kids on the block, Andreas, Anke and Laura aka The Helicopter Rowers. They brought their own canoe to double our fleet and it’s a first, expansion is in the air. It started out like turning circles in the water but after we attached both canoes one to the other, operation fishing for plastic got […]

Canal it up

Luana aka The Radiomaker

New kid on the block, Luana aka The Radiomaker. Made in Brussels she lives and works here and above all loves her city. Being native Dutch speaking persons in Brussels connections are never far away. It took us 10 minutes of rowing to find out we went to the same elementary and secondary school. Afterwards […]

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Benjamine and Cindy aka The Elegance Dancers

New kids on the block, Benjamine and Cindy aka The Elegance Dancers. Benjamine was born in France and Cindy in Flanders, both big shot dancers in Brussels they met on the dancefloor and became friends. With the same swing from the dancefloor they came to help us out by fishing plastic out of the canal. […]

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Eliah aka The Super Kid

New kid on the block Alessio presents his son Eliah aka The Super Kid, a Ket from Brussels raised in both French and Dutch. Today his father taught him how to go fishing for plastic in the canal, but more important that the plastic shouldn’t be in the water in the first place. Elia was […]

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Fanny aka The Warrior

New kid on the block, Fanny aka The Warrior, born in Arlon, living in Brussels and fighting for a better world. As member of Gracq St Josse she’s trying to pave the way to a more bicycle friendly commune. Professionally she’s working on Co2 emission reduction on a big scale. And at home there’s no […]

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Rosie aka The Real Kid

New kid on the block, Rosie aka The Real Kid, she is a primary school journalist for Karrewiet, the Dutch News broadcast for children. While asking questions about the ‘Canal it up’ project she was genuinely having fun fishing for plastic in the water. Seems to be that we went to the same primary school. […]

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Adrien aka The Professional Backpack Weight Reducer

New kid Véronique presents New kid on the block Adrien aka The Professional Backpack Weight Reducer. Slightly knowing each other from home, they met in New Zealand 9 months ago. 2 months later, after 1 year in New Zealand for her and 2 months for him, coincidence put them in Thailand on the same plane […]

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Cecilia aka The Roommate and Benoit aka The Climber

New kids on the block, Cecilia aka The Roommate and Benoit aka The Climber, they fell in love in Brussels almost 3 years ago. They share a love for travel and discovery, so they where immediately on board to go for a trip on the canal to fish for plastic. It became an evening session […]

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Elisabeth aka Pocahontrash

New kid on the block, Elisabeth aka Pocahontrash, a creative girl flown into Brussels from Flanders. Tell her where you live and she will tell you what kind of trees there are in your street. She loves her city and is always ready to help and make it an ever nicer place to live. When […]

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Ellen aka Mystery girl and Koen aka Bicycle Boy

New Kids on the block, Ellen aka Mystery girl and Koen aka The Bicycle boy. There are in love already for 6 years. Ellen grew up in Limburg and Koen in Machelen just next to Brussels. Still, they found each other. The person to take credit for their coming together is still under discussion. Today […]

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Alessio aka De Lasso

Lauren presents the New kid on the block, Alessio, aka De Lasso, because he catches every piece of plastic he encounters on his path with his very fast reflexes! Ok, we also turned around in little circles when the piece of plastic was just out of reach. ☺ His life is build up of all […]

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Katrien aka Motivée

New kid on the block Lauren takes over and presents the Newest kid on the block, Katrien aka Motivé! Not only because she plays in the football team FC Motivé, but mostly because she always goes for it! A girl from Ukkel, Brussels, went up to Bruges to share her interest and knowledge in psychology, […]

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Vanessa aka Vanessito

New kid on the block, Vanessa aka Vanessito aka The Cook, once she invites you for diner at her place, you’ll make sure to invite yourself next time for more of her delicious food. Born in Ecuador, she came to Belgium 10 years ago. Since then she learnt French, became an osteopath, started her own […]

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Johan aka The Doctor

New kid on the block, Johan aka The Doctor, some call him the Michael Jordan of the doctors, he became a proud father for the first time only 3 weeks ago. Another real deal bilingual Brussels person, and is it coincidence that he too is a Birdsaver? While looking for plastic in the canal we […]

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Mami aka The Tree Climber

New kid on the block, Mamie aka The Tree Climber, a girl that dances with so much enthusiasm she fills the dance floor in no time. Profession: Aerial silks and Tree climbing, her way to translate her connection to nature to other people through workshops. Fears: None, she climbes mountains, swims in ice water and […]

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Lauren The Birdsaver

New kid on the block, Lauren aka The Birdsaver aka Rockstar In The Making, a girl from Brussels – the real deal, speaking perfectly Dutch and French. Not afraid to get dirty hands. Friday she tried to save a bird, and again yesterday in the canal a sick paralyzed pigeon floating in the water surrounded […]

Canal it up

Benny aka The Minister

New kid on the block, Benny aka The Minister, also The Dad. Specialties of the day: road sign, scooter helmet and two footballs. The objective is to go on the canal at least once a week during the summer months, this week we went fishing trash twice. Let me know if you want to join […]

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Véro aka The Woofer

New kid on the block, Véronique aka The Woofer, back from 1 year New Zealand, she soon starts research in using robots in organical agriculture. They say she’s that much into nature that when she wakes up too early in the morning she goes to read a book on a pile of manure. Today it […]

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Mona aka The Energizer

New kid on the block, Mona aka The Energizer, able to make people do stuff they weren’t supposed to do, she cycles to work everyday and eats plastic for breakfast, lunch and dinner just to make it go away. But not the plastic we collected in the canal yesterday, way to go for a clean […]

Canal it up

Cécile aka The Dressmaker

New kid on the block, Cécile aka The Dressmaker, insists on putting a bucket under the shower while waiting for hot water. Also the woman who follows me in all my crazy plans. Today we had to stop collecting plastic sooner than we wanted, the bin was filled in no time.  #beatplasticpollution #actionaroundthecorner #titaniclovewithatrashbininthemiddle

Canal it up

Daan aka The Champion

New kid on the block, Daan aka ‘The Champion’, always looking for ways to live more earthfriendly. Fishing trash out of the water today we met à turtle 30 cm big swimming in the canal, surprise of the day. #beatplasticpollution #actionaroundthecorner #2ndday

Canal it up

Pieter aka The Founder

First day of fishing trash out of the canal, 15 kg of plastic!! Let us know if you want to join next time. #beatplasticpollution, #Sainctelette, #actionaroundthecorner