Sea Shepherd Belgium, a beautiful family and 4 friends

On Sunday Sea Shepherd Belgium swapped their big fleet of boats on the worlds OCEANS for our five kayaks on the CANAL in Brussels. Protecting the ocean can start in the middle of your city. After only TEN minutes 1 kayak came back with a bin completely filled with trash. Check their social media and website to see what they do to protect marine wildlife.
They brought lots of signatures for our Deposition petition. Make sure to do the same and we will prevent trash from ending up in the water!
Afterwards we had a visit from the very beautiful, committed and motivated family of Jerome: armed with Walkie Talkies to communicate between the kayaks they went for the catch of the day: a car bumper from a Renault !! There was no way stopping these guys in their search for garbage. Thank you for your participation.
Nathalie and 3 friends from St-Gilles ended the day with a big smile and found other parts of the car, guess what we will find next time?
Thanks again for the great motivation of every participant!
Info about our Deposithon action in july:
Don’t hesitate to join us for a fun kayak trip, just send us a small message here or through our website.