Sjur, Laura, Britt, Matthijs and Floris AKA The Bubble Heroes

🚣‍♀️ The New Kids are back! The Bubble of heroes Sjur and Laura got into the water first, with a temperature of 2°C, freezing cold! Sjur comes from Norway but his perfect dutch doesn’t give him away. Together with Laura he formed a fast rowing team. So fast that they lost track of time.

They adviced the next duo Britt and Matthijs to go and look for trash in the other direction. Very motivated they disappeared in the distance. There was less trash than we are used to but the bins still came back to shore half full.

At last, Floris and a friend joined us for Floris studies of Stedenbouw en ruimtelijke planning at the KU Leuven to map the trash in the canal. The first trash of 2021 was mostly styrofoam, cans of beer and plastic bags.

In 2021 we continu striving for a trash free canal! 💙