Tier,Taisei, Belarbi and Michelle with friends, TADA, teachers and Unilin

🌞🌞🌞 It was the perfect weather for weekend activities as the new school year began! Tier, Taisei, Belarbi and Michelle, along with their friends, joined us to help pick up some trash and make a positive impact!
TADA – Toekomstatelierdelavenir , an organization that supports vulnerable teenagers through extracurricular activities, is celebrating its jubilee. To mark this special occasion, they organized various activities for their volunteers, and one of the groups had the opportunity to join Canal It Up for an unforgettable trash fishing experience.
We also extended a warm welcome to a group of teachers and colleagues from Unilin, all of whom participated in our mission to keep the canal clean and healthy.
Let’s continue working together to make a difference in our environment!