Video: sewage water flows directly into Brussels canal

On Tuesday 13th of July SEWAGE water was FLOWING directly into the CANAL. This time we were there to FILM it. It’s only been TWO weeks since the canal filled up with dead rats and trash after another sewage overflow. An overflow is a safety mechanism of the sewage system to avoid flooding of the city but in Brussels the overflows occur too fast and too frequently, even when the rainfall does not pose a threat. 
In Paris the same problem occurred but they are heavily investing since the 90’s to go for ZERO sewage overflows to The Seine in 2023. Just in time for the Olympic swimming disciplines in 2024 in the their river. In Brussels we only reached the stage where we are crying for acknowledgement of the problem!
Politicians aren’t taking this seriously, on the contrary, they go by saying that the water quality of the Senne got much better these last years but forget to mention that’s because treatment of Brussels sewage water only started in 2007. Before, ALL sewage water went directly to the Senne, just like 200 years ago.
(All means 70%, the treatment of the first 30% started in 2000)