Erik, Abdelaziz, Unite Saintpaul, Euroclear en Intys Partners

We were thrilled to have an incredible wave of volunteers join our recent kayak outings! One of them is Erik, he has three sons and joins us son by son to make them experience our activity and learn about the problems of waterways. Abdelaziz also joined us before but this time brought his family along.Then, […]

Wij kunnen jouw dak gratis afkoppelen van de riolering! Schrijf je hier in!

Koppel jouw dak af en wees deel van de oplossing Woon jij in Brussel, heb je een terras of een tuin en wil je je dak afkoppelen om de waterlopen te beschermen? Schrijf je dan nu in om kans te maken op een gratis installatie van een regenwaterton (met of zonder regenwatertuin). Inschrijvingsformulier In de […]

De Oostenrijkse politicus Stefan Kaineder

For the first time we received an Austrian politician in our kayaks. Stefan Kaineder, the Minister for Environment and Climate from Upper Austria, had meetings in Brussels about the European Green Deal initiatives 🌍🇪🇺 and decided to pay us a visit. We discussed the challenges the waterways in Brussels are facing and what the situation […]

Studenten van Utrecht University, HEFF, Don Bosco Groot-Bijgaarden en uitwisselingsstudenten

We recently had the pleasure of hosting four groups eager to learn more about water issues in Brussels during our kayak outings on the canal.Among them, many students from diverse backgrounds, including students from Utrecht University participating in their PPE program, students from Haute École Francisco Ferrer, and business students from Don Bosco Groot-Bijgaarden.We also […]