Fien and Oan aka The New Refreshing Movie Directors

Aaand we are back!

Presenting new kids on the block Fien and Oan a.k.a. The New Refreshing Movie Directors! They have studied film in Brussels and are headstarting their careers. We just had 3 consecutive stormy week-ends. After Ciara, Dennis and George there was still some wind on saturday, but at least the sun appeared to support us. The wind had already blown a lot of garbage further away, or people have been less outside or just polluted less, would Port de Bruxelles – Haven van Brussel’s posters work?! (Although there was still a lot to pick up on the ground on the side of the canal). The bin was only half filled after one good hour. The dead animals weren’t picked up :S Hopefully once the water is clean, we won’t find so many ill animals floating anymore either.

Thank you for your help the new refreshing movie directors!