Biologist pèche animaux mortes du canal

What happens when you let a BIOLOGIST fish for TRASH and you forget to mention to leave all ORGANICAL MATERIAL in the WATER? He takes out everything, DEAD ANIMALS included. In the canal, where you almost see more dead animals than alive, you easily fish out 6 dead rats, 1 dead duck and 1 dead pigeon.
Who knows why these animals are dead? We know that the rats drown when discharged in the canal by a sewage overflow. Maybe the pigeon fell into the water and couldn’t get out again? But a duck? Did the duck mistake plastic trash for food and choked in doing so? Did it die of age? We would need a dissection to find out but today nobody is investigating this.
Anybody knows someone who would like to do some dissections on dead ducks, birds and fish to learn why there are so many dead animals in the canal? Alain Maron? Or Bruxelles Environnement – Leefmilieu Brussel?
We would like to learn about the problem to do something about it!
Want to join us for a trash fishing trip yourself? Only trash of course 🙂. Send us a message here or by email to