Ellen, Ben, Sally and her partner AKA family time

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 FAMILY time on the canal. Last sunday, this family of four, with two children aged 8 and 11, signed up for a kayak cleanup session. Even with the changing April weather they were SUPER motivated and smiling from ear to ear. Afterwards they came up with a creative idea for their picture, SOS, no more words needed. What a beautiful family.

Ellen and Ben descended upon the water as well. Ellen lives right next to the canal but Ben came all the way from Temse where he observes the trash problem in the water as well, but in the river Scheldt. To find a stream without plastic you unfortunately need a time travel machine to earlier days. Ellen is biologist and works for the flemish government as a policy advisor in developement aid. They brought us a present, they were dogsitting so I had the pleasure to experience how it feels to be a dog owner. Afterwards they wanted to go get some food at The Visboer, but they recently watched Seaspiracy and started doubting whether it is a good idea to continu eating fish.

The last duo was Sally and her partner. There wasn’t so much trash to find for them but they enjoyed themselves either way, which is very important as well 😊. They hope to come back another time, during summer for example, for which we are planning a very important action.

Together for a cleaner and greener canal.