Équipes de collègues de TUC Rail, BNP Paribas, Air Liquide et Bureau Bouwtechniek

Several organizations recently joined the shared environmental responsibility for clean waterways during working hours, some despite the Brussels autumn weather!
🚄 TUC RAIL, with its focus on rail transportation, plays an important role in reducing emissions by offering an eco-friendly mode of travel. Which steps can be taken towards more sustainable mobility?
💼 BNP Paribas Fortis België colleagues, as part of a major financial institution, is taking steps to greenify their activities but we nevertheless need a faster paced growing awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship in the financial sector. All investments in new fossil fuel extractions should be banned.
🌬️ Air Liquide works on the energy transition with their hydrogen projects. Will this transition be done reducing as much as possible the use of fossil fuels?
🏗️ Colleagues from Bureau Bouwtechniek, working in construction and engineering, are taking another step in the right direction by participating in this cleanup. Hopefully they can help change construction practices to reduce the enormous impact construction has on the climat and environment.
Let’s keep pushing for a cleaner and greener future, the transition needs everybody’s contribution! 🌍💚