Fanny aka The Warrior

New kid on the block, Fanny aka The Warrior, born in Arlon, living in Brussels and fighting for a better world. As member of Gracq St Josse she’s trying to pave the way to a more bicycle friendly commune. Professionally she’s working on Co2 emission reduction on a big scale. And at home there’s no single product she’s not able to make herself. Getting into the water quite late we were treated by a little bit of rain and a yellow orange sky. While we were fishing the plastic out of the water a little girl on the side called out to say « merci pour nettoyer le canal ». Later out of the water a family with 3 children asked us what we were doing, they were very enthusiastic and left by saying they wouldn’t buy plastic water bottles anymore. #beatplasticpollution #adifferenceyoucanmake