Full force avec RTL et BRUZZ

🚣‍♀️ Saturday 19th of june we went FULL FORCE with 5 kayaks being (almost) permanently on the water! The first bits of trash were taken by Thomas and his family, who immediately found a jacket. At the same time Ciray and her daughter took care of the other side of the canal. As there were still some death rats in the water, the daughter of Ciray was a bit shocked but overwon her fear and continued collecting trash!
📸 Next on was Emilia from Bruzz who went with Pieter in a kayak to shoot an interview about the upcoming Deposition action in July. Meanwhile Stephanie and 3 friends took out 2 whole bins of trash in the blink of an eye.
🛶 Debie and a friend didn’t need an explanation as it wasn’t their first time joining us on the canal, they went straight for the trash and collected a fully loaded bin!
🚤 No 2 minutes had passed during the last shift when we were shocked with what we saw: a guy on a boat throwing 2 big blankets and a sleeping bag straight in the canal, only a few meters in front of one of our kayaks ! Debbie and her friend went immediately after it and we had a though time getting them out of the water as they were completely soaked, sad we had to spent our time on this while the guy could easily give us the blankets on land… Anyway, at the end of the day Charlotte and a friend did their best to collect some trash but it seamed that the people before did a great job, not a lot of garbage was found. At last Roxana went for the first (!) time in her life in a kayak, and no better place to learn how to kayak than the canal of Brussels! Very brave of Roxana to put her fear aside and come clean up some trash.
🎥 During the last hour we got a visit from RTL to shoot a report for the evening news covering the Deposithon and what Canal It Up stands for: