Go Kompaz Zaventem, Stratec & BNP Parisbas Fortis

Three COOL groups, a new guide and soOoOo much sun, all on june 29th! First, we welcomed 10 Ukranian pupils from GO Kompaz Zaventem and their cheerful teachers, Hannah and Elia. These youngsters are learning Dutch and they understood quite a bit of the presentation. Elia, who is from Georgia, stepped in to translate the tricky parts and everything went smoothly.
Then Stratec, a consultancy firm in the sector of mobility, environement and urban planning, came for a teambuilding. They found the heaviest piece of trash by far and we’re still wondering how they managed to put it into their kayak.
Finally, the fun team of BNP Paribas Fortis Belgique joined us. They were in high spirits and enjoyed challenging each other to bring back the heaviest bucket. Fortunately, we were there to guarantee fair results and drain the water away before weighing the trash. 😜😇
And Szonja, our new guide, gave us a hand to make sure everyone had the best time. We sure did!