GreenTeam de la VUB, élèves de cinquième année et la SPF Sécurité Sociale

Recently, we welcomed three groups determined to purify our canal and to raise their own awareness of environmental issues 🌱🌍

The VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel has its own “GreenTeam”, a group of committed and passionate students. They came to gain a better understanding of the water-related issues we work on. Finaly, they managed to fish out three novels 📚 ! Their dynamism and commitment demonstrate the importance of individual action. It is crucial for raising awareness and motivating not only their peers but also the entire youth to act for the environment.

Speaking of youth, we also welcomed fifth-grade students for a DUO-outing. They directly observed the impacts of our habits on water quality. Prior to this, they visited the waste incineration plant in Brussels. This experience gave them a holistic view of the management of waste generated by our disposable lifestyles.

Finally, the sustainable development unit of the SPF Sécurité Sociale came visit us. This outing highlights the importance of adopting eco-responsible behaviors in all types of organizations.

These cleaning initiatives go beyond simple waste collection. They represent essential awareness actions to structurally respond to human-originated pollution.