Ivana & Nathalia, Melissa & Branimir, Margot, Gorike, Suze & Aurélie, Tom & Cha aka Let the Force be with Us

Friday was another beautiful day on the canal. Ivana and Nathalia were the first group, these experienced volunteers had no problem navigating through our waters. Of course not, Ivana learned how to kayak on the Croatian rivers. They weren’t the only ones to help out, Melissa and Branimir collected kilo’s of trash as well. Our last group were four friends, Suze, Margot, Gorike and Aurelie. They went to look for trash all the way to MIMA, until the rain caught them by surprise, luckily they could see the fun of it all! One week earlier Tom and Cha came to help us out as well, let the force be with us!