Janne, Kelly, Laura, Rory, Hélène and Alex AKA Cold, Colder and Coldest

❄️ 🐧 Cold, colder, coldest. Last sunday the canal was partly FROZEN. Still, four volunteers were motivated enough to come and fish for trash in the new discipline ICE-KAYAKING.

Janne, student in Art science at the VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel and living in Molenbeek and Kelly, student in social work in Hasselt, jumped into the kayak first. They literally had to break the ice to get to the trash. Not once, but twice did they completely fill the bin with trash. On top of that they pulled a car bumper out of the water. 🚙

Afterwards, Laura from Ireland and Rory from Australia, both in consulting and living in Brussels, broke the ice a little further into the other direction to go and fill their bin as well. They got a broken skateboard as trophy. 🛹

Two days earlier it was even colder when Hélène and Alex from VivaCité – RTBF came to Brussels to make a radio programme about the canal and Canal It Up, it was – 5°C. Canal It Up guides Lauren and Oscar got into the water with them to go and make some radio with frozen fingers and toes as a result. 🎙️ 🎧

In the mean time, Hugo caught a miniature scene in the snow on camera next to the canal. ALLEE DU KAAI , is this yours :)? 📷

Special shout out to Lauren to guide all these trips the last weeks in such cold weather!! 💪