Kanal Side of Life, Färm, Homegrade et mobilier urbain de Kaaitheater

WHO WHO WHO were the ones to fish the plastic out of the canal these last days? Thiery and Nathalie of Kanal Side of Life , who want to publish stories about life near the canal, brought a team of Färm to hunt for trash. If you didn’t sign our petition yet in favour of a deposit system on cans and plastic bottles go and do so at the cash register of one of the Färm stores.
They even managed to take a plastic road separator from Kaaitheater out of the water. How how how does this end up in the canal?
A very motivated team of Homegrade made a nice team outing out of it. And while one group was cleaning up the water another group did the same on land. Good job!
Thanks to the other motivated people as well! Want to help us go to parliament to ask for the deposit system? Print the petition on our homepage and send us some signatures. Or join us in our kayaks!