KU Leuven, Dripl Drinks et les jeunes de Try Outs 

Welcome aboard to our kayaking trips in 2024, new dedicated participants came, saw and conquered the litter problem! 🛶 🌱
Through the Try Out initiative, we’ve had the chance to host young people facing challenges for a kayaking trip focused on collecting waste in the canal. This activity is crucial for raising awareness about plastic pollution in in our waterways, while introducing them to sustainable solutions, paving the way for a more environmentally respectful future.
We also welcomed dedicated students from the KU Leuven ’s sustainable development master’s program. By participating in waste collection in the canal, they were able to directly tackle ecological challenges, enhancing their awareness of pollution and its environmental impacts.
Lastly, we were pleased to host the Dripl Drinks team, innovators in distributing healthy, package-free beverages made from natural ingredients. This initiative could, at large scale, drastically reduce the amount of cans and plastic bottles in society and thus in our waterways. It would be nice to see more initiatives like this!