Lara, William, Anke & Rocio, Kristin & Marleen, Judith & Friend, Sophie & Son & Friend, Véro & Friends, Manloi & Friend, Laure & Jakoba, Matthias & Carla, Josefien & Meredith, Stephanie & Katarina

19 and 23th of september we received 25 New Kids. Lara, William, Anke and Rocio started of this cleanup marathon, and how! After 15 min Lara and William returned with a full bin to empty it and fill it AGAIN! 💪

Kristin joined us for the second time and brought Marleen with her this time. They are really motivated to fight for a clean and green canal. Just like Judith and her partner they fished a whole bunch of trash out of the water.🌳

Sophie brought her son and a friend with her. The day before she injured her wrist so I joined her in the kayak. Paddling was difficult but scouting for plastic she did as the best. Left! Straight! 🛶

Afterwards, Vero and her three buddies arrived. A nice group of friends with a lot of questions. After the trip they returned home very wet but satisfied. ✔️

Manloi, her friend, Laure en Jakoba were the last ones of the day. Finally there was less floating trash so they could enjoy a classic kayakking trip. 🚣‍♀️

Wednesday 23/9 Matthias and Carla were the fist ones of this beautiful evening session. Together with them, Josefien and Meredith got in the water, realy nice girls with a healthy appetite for life and founders of the famous Instagram page Ellesbxl. They made a nice little movie about their trip. 🎥

Stephanie and Katarina were the last ones. When they took their seats in our two-person kayak they didn’t know each other, but really quickly they got along very well, as if they formed a team years ago. 👭

Thanks to everybody for your enthusiasm and effort and sorry to all those whose pictures we don’t have this time, something went wrong in the pictures department….