Megan, Josh, Scott, Alex, Francis, Kary, David, Mónica, Julie, Avi, Ingvild, Vlad, Alberto

Saturday 24th of october, before the second ‘lockdown’, a whole group of brave people joined us for an hour of trash picking on the water.

There were two groups of the American Club of Brussels, people of all ages. They allready joined us on the water before and as well during the big cleanup action on World Cleanup day. Thank you guys for your motivation.

Though it was a very windy day and difficult to catch some trash, everybody did a great job. After the first two groups finished, the two last groups had it more difficult to find the trash.

All the trash that we fish out of the water is counted and identified by producer. We were surprised to see so many masks and plastic bags. Your own shopping bag is the solution, who needs plastic to go shopping…

Thank you everybody for your motivation👏👏