Oda avec ses amis, groupe scolaire de Maria-Boodschaplyceum, équipe UPS, Gents MilieuFront & Fondation Degroof Petercam Fondation

Hurray!! Oda wanted to celebrate her birthday fishing for trash with her friends. They even dressed up in Canal It Up t-shirts.
Double Hurray, we welcomed yet another school group, Maria-Boodschaplyceum , with dedicated teachers bringing their students to the forefront of environmental action 📚👩‍. But not only that, a local neighbourhood committee also joined the cause! 💚
Moreover, colleagues from UPS shipped the trash by kayak from the water to the quays from where it will be brought to where it belongs – the recycling center, not our canal!
The end of the month of September also brought to us two organisations: Gents MilieuFront – GMF and Degroof Petercam . While their goals on daily basis differ; with the first one focused on regional environment and sustainable mobility while the second on selecting and supporting innovative employment solutions, their efforts to effectively eliminate the cans, bottles and other trash from the waterways were similarly grand!