Oscar aka The Writer

Lauren presents The New kid on the block, Oscar aka The Writer,  goes by the captain-of-the-ship mentality, yelling ‘there is something!’ whilst pointing. Even though we were surrounded by trash the whole time! We barely had to paddle, the trash was never far away. We found a white marker in the water, amazingly enough still working, and Oscar had no excuse to hold his writing skills and started decorating the ship. We filled two bins with much ease and Oscar’s motivation almost got us to get a third one! As photogenius as Oscar is we couldn’t escape the professional photographer, Damian Sochocki, passing by. Thank you to him for some of his beautiful pictures in today’s post. The end of the session was decorated with an acrobatic baptised leg in the water. #beatplasticpollution #actionaroundthecorner #Sainctelette