Who else in Belgium strives for clean and green waterways?

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There are many other organisations in Belgium working towards clean and green waterways. This summer we visited some of them and we were totally captivated by the enthusiasm with which they all operate each in their unique way.

Marc kayak - 13 years of river cleaning in Namur

Marc Kayak is famous in Namur and around. Since 13 years he cleans up trash by kayak in the Meuse and the Sambre, all year round, cold or hot weather. He talks to everybody he meets on the shore and his gesture has certainly a big impact on the city. We went to meet him and went on the water together. Congratulations to Marc for his relentless effort for clean waterways! If you would see him, give him a thumbs-up and a cheerio!

Aer Aqua Terra in Walloon Brabant - Cleaning up river beds

Amazing how much trash is hidden in river beds! Looking from above the river looks clean, up until the moment you start walking in it. Aer Aqua Terra cleans up rivers all year round, from summer until winter, 5 days a week. That’s tons and tons of old trash taken out of the environment. We went to meet them and together we cleaned up a small stretch of a river in Jodoigne. Everybody can join them and please do so!

Dokano and Waterland - Fishing for trash in Ghent

In Ghent you can also go fishing for trash in the water, not by kayak but with canoes, Dokano’s canoes. Dokano strives for sustainable and climate resilient cities, Waterland for clean water for people and animals. They use art, do water quality tests, cleanup trash and organize fun events. Dokano’s docking zone is an example of how water can be integrated in the city, easy access to enjoy and relax up and around the water. Join them at their events and on the water to support their work towards sustainable and green cities.

Proper Strand Lopers - Clean beaches

The Belgian coast is been looked after by Proper Strand Lopers, they are on a mission since 2016. Their countless members tirelessly clean the beaches all year round, turning litter into art, educating schools, and even engaging in political lobbying and so much more of environmental goodness! Both our organisations strive to create awareness and tackle litter at its roots. They too are eager to see the physical deposit system introduced in Belgium, a major step towards reducing litter in nature. Don’t miss out on the action – join them on one of their cleanup trips! Cleaning up in the dunes you’ll feel like you’re time-traveling with all this decades old litter. 🏖️🌊🚀