The Youth Takes over

The youth takes over the CANAL! This Saturday, Anouk, Marianne and Elisabeth, three students from a secondary school in Dilbeek organised trips with Canal It Up for their ‘Seminaire’ course. What a great idea! They took care of registering 32 motivated friends, family and school members or even new people that heard from it through social media.

The rain decided to challenge them a little but nothing could bring down their motivation and the good mood! Their attractive stand sold delicious sweet and salty creations for the brave volunteers or curious witnesses. Everyone left very wet but with a big smile on their face and something delicious in their belly!

They fished out kg’s of trash that do not belong in or around the canal. With that trash, they created a ‘garland of trash’. Besides the (sadly common) plastic trash, they found a couple of shoes, a hula hoop and even a football in perfect state.

Shout out to Anouk’s parents who stayed and helped the entire day! Anouk’s little brother Runne was assigned as ‘extra person’ in case there was an uneven number of paddlers, to his greatest happiness.