Iris Feesten 2021

Last sunday lots of people joined us for Les fêtes de l’iris.

Sylvie and her two kids (8 and 10) got interviewed by RTL and we must say we were impressed by their well spokenness!

Nathalie and her family of 4 were super motivated and all smiles! They really went to look for trash far away to be sure not to have come for nothing and they did not!

Helena brought two strong young women of 9 and 11! The preceding groups already fished lots of trash out of the water so they had to search to find more.

Anh and her friend were independent, they knew exactly what to do as if they had done it all their lives, they had their goal and they went for it!

Alexandra and her son also were gone in no time and their eyes were like scavengers who did not want to leave any trash in the canal. They even brought their supporters!

Laurence and friend were super comfortable in de kayak and paddled far away. Used to work for events, they were not scared to do things hands on and they did not want to do half work either. Eva from the next group declared them the winners by yelling “woaw they won!” when looking at their bin.

Christian too brought his two daughters. After the kayak trip they were going to look at a demonstration of the firemen on the other side of the water. They did think it smelled bad down in the water. Let’s do something about that!

The school friends Julie, Clément, Hélène and Laura were already thinking for some time to come and help us and were happy to finally be here. They did not realise we go every week!

Fabio managed to bring more people than expected to come help us! There had been a cancellation, so they managed to not let time pass by and go hands on in the water.

Last group were Lauren’s roommates Aino and Jaime who did not hesitate to go! We went with 3 in the red kayak and enjoyed a clean canal, good end of the day. Just kidding, we still managed to fish trash! Aino even spilled half of a beer that she just fished on herself. Sorry. Pancake well deserved.