Jin Vilvoorde, Hugo, Camille, Fabrice, Lore and Maxime AKA The Treasure Hunters

Scouts Vilvoorde Represented! ⛺️🌱 Luckily, youngsters can still come together in small groups. These 7 girls choose cleaning up the canal as one of their activities! This summer, they hope to be able to go to Montenegro, we’re crossing our fingers for them! If not, we will be here for them on the canal under the Brussels sun 💪🏻.

Next, Hugo and Camille went up and down the entire canal to hunt for trash! Their most interesting find was what seemed to be a bag of canabis 😱. We reported it to the police who was in the neighborhood. They told us we didn’t have to report it or anything, since “it was too wet to smoke anyway” 🥴

Afterwards, Fabrice had planned to form a kayakking duo with his daughter. Being a bit too scared of the water (in her defense she was 5), Fabrice kayaked alone while we explained the reasons behind Canal It Up to her. She and her mother were very proud of her father, and we hope she’s kind of proud of us too 🤫

The last ones of the venue, Lore and Maxime, stayed on the water for a long time, and despite their efforts, couldn’t find much trash anymore.
Trash is unfortunately not always so hard to find.

The drone images our shot by @luasandre, while keeping me company. He found out about Canal It Up when walking near the canal one day. Since then, he joined us more than once to talk to us and take some snappy shots! Thanks for your interest and help! It was fun debating possible solutions against pollution with you! 🙏🏻