Katrien aka Motivée

New kid on the block Lauren takes over and presents the Newest kid on the block, Katrien aka Motivé! Not only because she plays in the football team FC Motivé, but mostly because she always goes for it! A girl from Ukkel, Brussels, went up to Bruges to share her interest and knowledge in psychology, a fine young lady who is interested in a lot, hence knows a lot, so good luck fooling her. Before leaving to see even further into the world she agreed to pass by and clean our own canal here today. There was a lot of wind (so it did not smell that much, which was nice). Despite the lack of time we managed to fill the bucket, found a football and an enormous empty bag of cement!  Oh and we saw a lot of cute ducks!  Thanks again to the city of Brussels for the logistical support. #plasticpollution #actionaroundthecorner #Laurentakingover