Koen, Estelle, Stephanie, Ilaria, Marie-Aude, Hendrik, Ellen, Bill, Sam, Ina, Leo, Aisha, Joren, Suze, Peggie, Nikita en Koen

What better activity for a sunny Saturday in Brussels than Kayakking for a clean canal!

Koen and Estelle were the first duo to attack the floating trash in the canal! They live very close to and saw the kayaks several times, so they decided to try it out themselves. They were already well aware of the issues regarding the flooding of sewage water after visiting the Rioolmuseum and picked out an impressive amount of trash.

Stéphanie, Ilaria and Marie-Aude are three colleagues from the European Commission, but more importantly three friends always looking for original and fun activities to do together. Ilaria and Marie-Aude were called ‘the professionals’ since kayaks, sailboards or diving equipment have no secrets for them. They hopped in and out of their kayak in no time. Stéphanie prefered to clean the areas around the water and found an insane amount of cans and plastic bottles.

Hendrik and Ellen live pretty close and were interested in trying the kayaks out for a while now. Those two bikers got the best sun of the day!

Bill, Sam, Ina and Leo were an exceptional team. They tried to save a tortoise that was struggling in the canal’s dirty water, with the help of people on land advising them and even giving them a box to catch it. Unfortunately without any success.

Aisha and Joren are not only environmentally engaged but also socially. Indeed, this lovely couple met at work, at an asylum centre, where they work as a nurse and a social worker.

Suze, Peggie, Nikita and Koen, four friends linked by an eternal love for cava in reusable glasses. They arrived early and laughed probably from the first to the last minute, making new friends along the way! They know each other for years and transform any activity into an epic adventure. Their motto: “With us, no trash is at ease!”

Everybody got encouragement and applause from people on land admiring their work.

Extra: Life – and lack of life – in the Canal:
Many dead animals were floating in the water, rats, fish and even cats. Ducks seem to be better adapted to the conditions in the canal.