Les jardins du 8eme jour, Catalina, Serco, Destelheide, Dow en het departement ruimtelijke planning van de stad Leuven

We had the pleasure to receive some members of Les Jardins du 8ème Jour , adults with a mild mental handicap. For their project Amiko they do several cultural and civil activities to open them up to the world to not be isolated from it.
Catalina recently arrived in Brussels from Buenas Aires. She has been working on plastic pollution for several years now and wanted to join us on the water to see how we try to turn the tide.
Serco send some colleagues to clean the canal. On normal days they support governments in the delivery of essential services. Could they maybe assist the city of Brussels to provide the essential service of having waterways with clean water?
Destelheide Centrum voor Jeugd, Kunst en Creatie spend a part of their staff day on the canal, just like Dow and the Department of Urban planning of the city of Leuven.