Mosaïc asbl, Maison de l’Europe, Amazon, en Milliman

🌍 Maison de l’Europe brought a group of 9 young adults from France, who were in Brussels to explore the European institutions and cultivate their roles as engaged citizens. Amid their busy schedule, they dedicated time to ponder the future and confront environmental challenges. Their journey on the canal provided an eye-opening experience of the pressing environmental issues we confront today.
🛶 eagerly joined us on the water with a fresh group. Their enthusiasm was palpable, and their baskets were brimming with trash as they disembarked.
🚣‍♀️ Milliman Financial Risk Management also became a part of our efforts, and their time on the water turned out to be a source of great enjoyment.
🌊 Mosaïc Asbl brought along two teenagers, offering them a chance to encounter the canal environment. Kayaking was a first-time experience for them and they also took a keen interest in the issue of trash pollution and poor water quality.
🌱 These collective actions symbolize the growing dedication to confronting environmental challenges. Let’s keep igniting this spirit and working towards a cleaner, healthier future!