Okan studenten, KMPG, Umicore, Aude, Eloise, Frankie en hun vrienden

Aude, Eloise, and Frankie joined our activity with friends, some of whom were all the way from Denmark. On that particular day, the canal was exceptionally dirty, so they didn’t have to go far to return with buckets full of collected trash.
We also welcomed a group of Okan students. While it was an entirely new experience for them, they eventually found the courage to venture onto the water and contribute to our trash cleanup efforts.
Additionally, a dedicated team from Umicore and KPMG joined us, the latter were participating as part of their KPMG foundation activities.
We keep on promoting awareness of green and clean waterways in Brussels. We invite everyone to join us on the water and become a part of this essential awareness-building movement!