Scholengroep en enthousiaste collega's van Leefmilieu Brussel, Achilles Design, GiveaDay & Stichting Degroof Petercam

We kicked off the month of 🍁 October 🍁 with a diverse group of individuals and organizations all focused on the environment and community service:
School Group: Young, enthusiastic learners eager to make a difference in our environment.
Bruxelles Environnement Leefmilieu Brussel : committed to making Brussels more sustainable and more pleasant to live in.
Achilles Design : A skilled team of researchers and engineers committed to user-centered innovation and eco-responsibility.
Give a Day – Vrijwilligerswerk & Bénévolat : A cooperative movement with a social mission, dedicated to inspiring millions to volunteer and drive social impact through community engagement.
Degroof Petercam : who visited us once again!
These participants, each with their unique strengths and motivations, joined hands to clean our waterways for all the living species in and nearby the Canal! You get a big thumbs up from us too 🙂 🌊🌟