Sint-Lukaskunsthumaniora en Het College Vilvoorde

Who says winter means no kayaking? Not us! The students from @Sint-Lukas Kunsthumaniora Brussel hit the water and enjoyed the views of Brussels while cleaning the Canal. We were also joined by @Het College Vilvoorde, who cycled all the way to our docking zone. 
While we had a fun time, we also took time to discuss plastic pollution. The students are already doing their part by participating in cleanups at school with @Mooimakers. However, they didn’t know that Mooimakers is an initiative from the industry that deflects all attention from producers and supermarkets to people and cleanups. While these producers and supermarkets still resist more environmental regulations and continu to fuel the throw-away culture. Instead they should be working towards zero-waste consumption and environmental regulations like a classic deposit system on cans and plastic bottles. It’s time to realise that it’s not normal to see the shelves of supermarkets filled with packaging around packaging around a product that probably came from the other side of the world. This school will shift their focus from now on. But what about all the other schools influenced by the industries initiatives like Mooimakers?